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The Best Guacamole You'll Ever Make

In October/November of 2016, I took a trip to Mexico and it was on our way home, in the Cancun airport to be exact, that I came across my perfect guacamole recipe. We were eating lunch in a restaurant in the airport and they had a "traveling guacamole stand". So I said, ok I'm going to try this because I had yet to have some fabulous guac my whole trip there. This was by far one of the best recipes I had ever tasted. I made sure to watch how he made it very intently. It was by far the EASIEST recipe EVER! I should have followed the KISS rule with this recipe all along, keep it simple stupid! Ready to have your mind blown by this super delicious and super easy Guacamole recipe? Well, here you go!


  1. 1 - Super soft/ripe avocado

  2. 1/2 - Fresh Lime

  3. 1/2 - Medium to large tomato

  4. 1/4 - Red onion

  5. Himalayan salt in a grinder (to taste) *Get this from Thrive Market at a great value!

  6. Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)

  7. Cilantro (optional - I don't use it in my recipe because cilantro tastes like soap to me)

Directions Slice up the avocado into easily mashable pieces and place in a bowl.

Avocado Tomato
Lime Onion
Avocado Tomato Lime Onion

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