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Ready to Heal, Overcome Your Symptoms and Finally Find Your Bliss?

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Learn to see mental health differently.

Your mental health plays a vital role in your happiness. In this section, we have some awesome tips on overcoming depression and anxiety, adjusting your mindset, and making self-care a priority. Most importantly we look at whatever you’re struggling with mental health-related and dig deep to heal. When we heal, that’s when we find true bliss.

Personal Development

Whether you need tips for business growth, help with goal setting, fixing a bad habit, getting healthier or finding out how to be more productive. We teach you how to be successful on your personal growth journey from the perspective of having a mental illness. Why? Because when you have a mental illness it can be extremely difficult (almost seemingly impossible) to shift your mindset. So to overcome that hurdle we look at personal growth in a slightly different perspective.


Dealing with relationships play a huge factor in our happiness. In fact, sometimes it’s the relationships we’re in that are causing us repeated trauma. But relationships are important and the right ones can be a great container for healing. In this section, we’ll talk about Toxic Relationships, Parenting, Marriage, and Friendships.

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This is where all our awesome resources are located. See our giant list of recommendations and get access to the resource library full of freebies like affirmations for depression and anxiety, a self-care guide for depression, an escape plan checklist (for getting out of an abusive relationship) and much more!