Guidelines for Guest Posting on Obtaining Bliss

Would you like to write a guest post for Obtaining Bliss? We’re always looking for submissions that can help our readers. We are a community designed to bring women together to encourage one another through everything difficult life throws at us.

The following are topics that we will accept submissions for:

  • Wellness/Self-care
  • Mindset/personal development
  • Mental Health (depression, anxiety, PTSD)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Motivational/Inspiration

Please note: We may not publish every single submission. We will review your submission to see if it fits with our mission and applies to our ideal readers. Our bliss seekers are generally women who suffer from depression and anxiety. We will notify you.

Guest Posting Requirements

  • No affiliate links
  • No outside links to websites that are not yours or mine (unless requested and approved)
  • Do not include pictures (we provide our own)
  • 1200+ words
  • H2/H3 subheaders
  • Do SEO research for your long-tail keyword (keyword should be at least 3 or more words) and use the keyword in Title, H2/H3 subheaders, and throughout the content. Ensure the main SEO Keyword is in the first paragraph.
  • Use 5 or more additional related SEO keywords throughout the content.
  • Using this Headline Analyzer submit a headline that gets a score of 65 or higher.
  • Include up to 3 links back to posts from your own blog (if you are fairly new or do not have 3 posts of your own to link to, you can use or suggest links to those on Obtaining Bliss).
  • Your article should not already be posted anywhere else (your own website or other websites) and you will not publish it anywhere else after it’s published on Obtaining Bliss.

*We may add my own affiliate links to your post, as well as edit the post to meet SEO requirements and/or match our format.

**You can include links to your own products (not affiliate products but products/services that are yours).

**By submitting a post, you are giving Obtaining Bliss LLC explicit permission to publish the content on the Obtaining Bliss website and all social media accounts, as well as promoting it via other channels such as our monthly newsletter and social media outlets. You understand there is absolutely no financial return for your submission (we do not pay for guest posting).

How to Submit a Guest Post

To be considered, send your email with the following information to

Use “Guest Post Submission” for the subject line.

Draft your submission on a Word Document/Google Document (with hyperlinks included) and upload or link the document to the email.

In the text of the email, please list your main SEO keyword that the post should rank for, plus the 5 or more additional related keywords that you used in the post.

Include a short, brief bio/description (plus a picture of yourself). Please do NOT send a logo picture – only a real image of YOU will be approved for your bio section.

A link to your blog.

You can also include links to any of your social media channels (FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

Please follow all requests in your submission. Failing to do so could result in denial of your post.