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If you’re a company that is looking to get in touch with our audience we offer the following:


Want Obtaining Bliss to share their experience of a product, course or destination?

We would love to!

Experiences are different from reviews, where instead of providing positive or negative feedback, we detail our experience with your product, course, or destination.

A product, course, or comped experience is required in order for us to write an honest experience. We may also require compensation, like a sponsored post for detailing our experience.


We do reviews which are based off our experience or personal opinion of your product, course, or destination. These require a product, course or comped destination to provide an opinion review.

However, reviews do not require extra compensation since we are providing our own review.


Giveaways are free of charge if done in conjunction with a review.

There is no minimum value of the giveaway, however, there is a direct correlation between the value of the giveaway and reader engagement.

Sponsored Posts

If I love your product, course or destination I’d love to get the word out! I’m very picky about these and only promote products, courses, and destinations I have used and love. You will need to send me your product or arrange for me to visit your destination for a successful post. Sponsored post packages include a detailed post and a shout out on all my social media accounts.


Looking to advertise with Obtaining Bliss? 

We offer the main ad banner on the Home page. Ads run on a rotating schedule for 30 days at a time.

We also accept advertising to be included on our social media or in our Newsletters.

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