Think Big to Crush Goals

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All my life I was and wanted to be an entertainer in some fashion.

When I was about 10 years old I had one goal in mind. That goal was to win the Brown County Fair Talent Show. It was a variety talent show, and I had many options on what my “talent” would be. I thought: “Hey, I can sing. I should sing a song.” I decided on a Madonna song and sang it for my mom to show her how great [I thought] I sounded. After hearing me, and how off-key, inexperienced and shaky my voice was she kindly suggested I pick a different talent to perform.

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t my best choice. (I can actually sing now, btw!) I then came up with the brilliant idea that I would do an improvisational choreographed dance to Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice.

I practiced, put it off, then practiced again. I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, but I did figure out my outfit. Which was white polka-dot overall shorts, a matching t-shirt and a backward baseball cap with my permed locks tucked up inside.

Yep, I looked like your typical 10-year-old white girl gangsta. I mean, c’mon, I was dancing to Vanilla Ice here. You can see the irony, right?

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Competition time.

I was so super excited and nervous. There were probably about six other acts besides me. I remember this one girl who played piano and sang. She was AMAZING!! I just kept thinking, holy crap I’ve got some real competition on my hands here. After a few other acts, my name is called. By this point I’m so nervous, I could taste my heartbeat.

I get up on stage, music starts playing and I just start dancing. No rhyme or reason to my moves. No plan, I just got up there and did some moves that probably looked more like a 90-year old hunched over grandma would do with a few Michael Jackson moves thrown in. I thought I did pretty great, considering.

There was a group that went up after I did. This troop of five girls really had their act together. They all wore the same fire engine red flashy costume, with matching shoes, hair, and makeup. Their song starts and they all just go to town. They were well dressed, beautiful smiles, perfectly choreographed moves, and even had their hair flips synced.

I was so jealous. I wanted to be in this obviously well-trained group.

Suffice to say this amazing group of 5 girls won the talent show and the girl who played piano and sang like an angel got second. I didn’t even get a participation trophy! (See this should tell you how old I am ?)

My point of this story is that I failed at my goal. The reason I failed was due to this one reason.

The One Reason I Failed at My Goal

I set a goal, without a clear-cut plan on how to execute it.

However, do you see where I succeeded?

I thought BIG.

And by big, I mean big for a 10-year-old. I mean seriously, think about it. I had no training, no experience, no developed skills. Yet, I knew it was something I wanted to do. So, I went for it. And let me just say, it wasn’t the last time I went for something big. However, I learned a bit after that experience and realized I needed a plan of execution to my big goals.

So, let’s lay out a plan that will show you exactly how to think big so you can crush your goals.

Are you thinking big enough?

First of all, when you think about goals are you thinking big enough? I don’t mean goals that are going to be obviously unattainable (like losing 20 pounds in a week). Or goals that your inner voice is going to be like “hahaha, yeah right”.

However, I do mean goals that will push you past your comfort zone. Something that will take a little more than the normal effort you give to accomplish a task.

Think of something you’ve really been wanting to accomplish but haven’t yet.

Why haven’t you accomplished this yet?

Is it fear?

Is it not knowing?

Is it laziness?

Whatever the reason, you MUST push past it if you want the sweet taste of victory in succeeding in this BIG goal. And trust me, you CAN accomplish it. You just need a plan.

A great way to commit to a plan is to get the Goal Setting Workbook!

Step 1 – Set Big Goals with the SMART Method

If you are not familiar with this method, I explain in more detail in my post Goal Setting the SMART Way.

I personally like to regularly set 10 Big Goals. You can do this monthly or quarterly, depending on the deadline you give yourself to accomplish this goal.

Step 2 – Divide Goals into Different Categories

Family, Financial, Personal, Health, Travel, etc. Don’t go overboard here. Generally, I like to set my big goals in the categories of financial, personal, and career. For the other categories, I like to make bucket lists.

Setting big goals

Step 3 – Pick Only 2-3 Master Goals

From your list of goals, pick only 2-3 master goals. These goals are going to be the ones that will greatly help the rest of your other goals fall into place.

For example, one of your goals is to take vacations 4 times a year and another goal is to increase your income to $10,000 per month. The master goal, in this case, would be to increase your income to $10k per month, because by accomplishing this goal you’ll be able to afford to take vacation 4 times a year.

Step 4 – Consider Your Priorities

This is probably the most crucial step. Think about your priorities. Your life priorities.

Now look back at your goals. Do you see any conflicts with your goals and your priorities? Let me tell you right away, if they do not mesh, this will not work.

For example, if you have a goal to become CEO of your company yet a priority is to spend more time with family, you’re probably not going to meet that goal. Most goals won’t interfere like this is you plan them right. Some goals may simply take longer. Just be mindful of the goals your setting and making sure they align with your priorities.

Step 5 – Break it Down

Looking at your 2 master goals write out a list of every single thing you believe it will take for you to achieve those goals. Break it down. Then break it down some more.

Example: Lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks. That means you’ll need to lose about 2.5 pounds per week. Broken down even more, plan your workouts, how often you’ll workout, what workouts you’ll do. Plan your meals for the week. What you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Figure out where you’ll give yourself grace for slipping up and have a plan for how to stay on track.

Step 6 – Daily Tasks

From your giant list of tasks, you’ll take 2-3 things and put them on your daily to-do list. I like to put them first and get them done right away, so I’m not procrastinating on these goals.

Some of your tasks may need to be done during a certain time of day, figure that out and plan accordingly. I set aside time every Sunday to plan out my week. I use my planner and list my master goals, along with any of the tasks I need be doing on a daily basis.

If I need to do food prepping or anything like that, this gets done on Sunday as well. That makes my week go much more smoothly when I have meals in place and don’t need to come up with something last minute.

Get the Goal Setting Workbook to get laser-focused on your goals!


Setting big goals and making a plan for accomplishing those goals is crucial in the process of becoming successful in your endeavors. By following the steps outlined here you’ll be fast on your way to achieving your biggest dreams.

Learn how you can set BIG Goals (outside your comfort zone) to crush your goals in 2019!
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