Stay Calm During a Crisis

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How to stay calm in a crisis
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The intention of this post to help you get into THE RIGHT STATE OF MIND as we, together, face another adversity in human history, the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

When we are faced with a pandemic and natural disasters that force us to face our own mortality and lack of control, it is easy to feel afraid of the unknown; especially for those who are highly empathetic.

If you are feeling afraid, I understand you because I get scared too. It’s totally human to get scared. Fear is normal and it’s a normal automatic response from our nervous system to keep us safe.

However, a huge rule of thumb to follow when we’re in high stress situations is we need to keep our mindset right.

For example, when fear initially kicks in, our body has an automatic response where it releases stress hormones. This puts our body into fight or flight mode. This spike of stress hormones will block your ability to make logical decisions which can actually make the situation worse.

There have been plenty of situations where I knew if I let fear take over, then I wouldn’t be able to take the actions needed to make a situation better.

Don’t Let Panic Be an Option

A great example of this, was the time when my youngest dropped a bowling ball on his hand. Fear initially sets in of course, but I needed to stay calm and solution focused for my child. Because if I panic, his reaction will be much worse and he could hurt himself even more.

I needed to get my own nervous system in check (by taking a few long deep breaths) so I could focus on comforting my son and assess the situation.

When I’m solution based, I am able to realize and evaluate I need to get him into the emergency room as it’s likely he’s broken a finger or two.

After getting him to the hospital and getting him some good meds to help with the pain, he passes out in my arms. Now while he’s sleeping, I can release some of the tension of the situation. And after releasing the negative energy, I get back into solution based mindset so I can help my son heal and deal with his injury.

The Right Mindset

There is a lot of talk right now about what is going to happen in our hospitals, schools, jobs, and economy. There is still so much we don’t know and it’s impossible to predict exactly what is about to happen.

But let me ask you this if you get into a mindset of, “I’m going to die” or “the economy is going to crumble” etc. And sure it’s easy to blame the media. It’s easy to just blame China and it’s easy to blame our government, the President, etc. But what types of actions will you take from that state of thinking?

Do those thoughts aid to the SOLUTION for us to work together or does it propel the fear?

If we as a society focus on the SOLUTIONS, then we have the opportunity to face this in the best way possible by listening to the higher calling only heard by a calm soul.

So stick with staying in a mindset of helping and follow your intuition.

Stay Calm During the Unknown

First, don’t feed into the media hype of everything. Doing so, will just fuel the fear and make things worse. If watching the news or reading about other people panicking on Facebook makes you more scared, take a media break.

I get we want to stay up to date with what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean you need to constantly be watching and listening to updates on it. Check in only a few times a day and/or severely limit your exposure. This virus isn’t the only thing that’s contagious.

Machine generated alternative text:
Viruses are contagious. 
So is panic. 
Choose wisely.

After getting updates, check in with your feelings.

This would be a good time to do a gut check and make sure you’re not feeding into the fear.

Besides being in a solution based mindset, another way we can look at this pandemic is to ask:

What could be the positives that come from this?

What could be the lesson here?

Maybe it’s that this kind of crisis requires unity. We need to all come together as a community. Communicate with each other. Help each other out.

It could be the universe is showing us that we can get through this by coming together. And maybe unity is EXACTLY what this world really needs right now.

We need to put judgment aside and let go of making other people wrong, bad, or different if we want to survive (literally and metaphorically).

My calling right now, in this time of massive fear, is to help my community in the best way I know how. To help you shift your mindset.

Trust yourself in this time of need. If you get a feeling that says, go home – go home.

If you get a feeling that says be of service – be of service. Listen and trust.

You can only control you, your thoughts and your reactions. Be intentional, be helpful, and be the example.

We are all in this together and we will get through this, together.

Love and light,


P.S. Wash your hands 😉

Stay Calm in a Crisis
How to Stay Calm in a Crisis
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Learn How to Stay Calm in a Pandemic

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