Are You Focusing on the Right Problems in Personal Growth

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We all face problems in our lives, it’s part of living and being a human being. On your path to self-development and personal growth, I want you to consider if the problems you’re trying to fix are the “right problems”. Because the best skill you can have is to know if the issue your facing is really worth your effort to change it.

First which category does your problem fall into? Think about problems as being in two categories.

Personal Growth

Permanent Problems

These are problems that you have no control over and cannot change. They are issues that you need to learn to deal with. You can’t change a permanent problem. So stop wasting your focus and energy on these kinds of problems.

Some great examples of permanent problems.

  1. Time. You can’t change time. There are always the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No matter how much you try, that will never change. So there’s no need to focus on the fact that you don’t have enough time for something. Focus on time management so that you can make time for those things that ARE important to you.
  2. How Old You Are. Pretty obvious, you can’t change your age. Whether you want to be younger or older, this is something that you cannot change.
  3. Past. You can’t change the past, so stop dwelling in it.
  4. Family. You can’t change your family. You can choose friends and who you share your time with, but you cannot change who your family is.
  5. Other People. This may be a difficult one for a lot of people. But you need to realize that you can’t change other people. You may be able to influence some people. But to change a person’s hard wiring, that is something only that person can decide if they want to change, not you. So focusing your time and energy into trying to change someone is a complete waste of your time.

Personal Growth

Temporary Problems

These are the kinds of issues that you have tremendous power to control and/or change. They are the kind of problem where if you take a specific action you can solve the problem. Some great examples of temporary problems.

  1. Body Shape. If you don’t like how much weight you’ve gained you can do something about this.
  2. Relationship. If you’re unhappy in your relationship you can change that.
  3. Work Issues. You hate your boss, you don’t like how you’re treated. You can change how YOU interact with your boss, or you can even change your job.

Action Exercise.

Make a list of all your complaints. Write them all down. Think of all the things you complain about regularly. Maybe you complain about your commute to work, those 10 pounds you gained, where you live, your partner. I think you get the gist.

Go through this list and figure out which problems you can change and/or fix. Keep in mind that you cannot change a permanent problem. As you’re going through this list think ‘What can I do to change these problems?’

When you’re working on personal growth, it can take a mindset shift. You can’t change your boss’ attitude, but you can change how you react to them. When you change yourself, your own behavior and how you think, you’re going to change everything!

We all face problems in our lives. On your path to personal growth, you need to make sure you're focusing on the RIGHT problems. Read now to know if you're focusing on the right problems. #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #selfdevelopment #selfgrowth #problemsolver

We all face problems in our lives. On your path to personal growth, you need to make sure you're focusing on the RIGHT problems. Read now to know if you're focusing on the right problems. #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #selfdevelopment #selfgrowth #problemsolver

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  1. Wow! wonderful post. It made me think. We get so consumed by issues in our lives and we complain about everything doing little about any of it. This is a great way to think what kind of problem is bothering you put it in one basket and then see how to hand it. If it permanent like time and lack of thereof, then all one can do is know what to prioritize, though I know easier said than done. I will bookmark this as a guiding light. Thank you.

  2. A small mindset shift can be so powerful. Love the example of reframing how one might think of their boss. And that is a good reminder to stop focusing on things we cannot change. I can be guilty of that sometimes. Pinning:)

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