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Why Almond Butter Should be One of the 7 Deadly Sins

Spoons and Knives are Not Necessary I grew up loving peanut butter and I mean loved it! When I'd get home from school I would go straight for the peanut butter jar and dig in. It was always my go-to snack. Spoons and knives be damned! I didn't have time for that. I would whip off that lid and my fingers were in that jar faster than Winnie the Pooh when he got his hands on a jar of honey. The best utensils I had, where my fingers. My mom wasn't too happy with me when she found my finger grooves all inside the jar of peanut butter. Yeah, I know, that made it so everyone else in the house wouldn't eat the peanut butter with my fingers marks all up in the jar. But I was ok with that. A girl has to claim her peanut butter jar, right?!

My Quest for Creamy Almond Butter Anyway, in my quest to find the perfect almond butter when I started to eat "smarter", I was having a hard time finding the perfect kind. I mean most were good enough. However, I wanted something smooth like peanut butter. Almost every brand I tried had that weird gritty taste and looked like sandpaper. After trying a few different brands I finally settled on one that the best of them all, but was very expensive. And then I got the opportunity to try Lindsay Almond Butter through Moms Meet. The way I knew that this almond butter was going to be a winner, was my youngest son actually approved it! Trust me I've had this kid try all the almond butter I ever brought home. He didn't like anything and was dead set on only ever eating regular peanut butter.

Ants on a Log Our first test with Lindsay Almond Butter was ants on a log. In our sample kit, we got 3 different flavors that Lindsay Almond Butter has: Classic Creamy, Classic Crunchy and Honey Cinnamon. For the ants on a log, we stuck with the Classic Creamy.

Almond Butter Cups Using Obtaining Bliss' own Almond Butter Cup Recipe we used our new favorite Lindsay Almond Butter Classic Creamy and also tried the Classic Crunchy in this recipe. Brody wasn't sure about the crunchy kind, he didn't think he was going to like it.

Lindsay Almond Butter Classic Creamy
boy eating ants on a log

Lindsay's Website they have coupons that you can get for $1 off! Have you tried Lindsay Almond Butter? If so, what did you think of it? Post your opinions in the comments below.

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