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What to Get Your Spouse for Every Anniversary

There you are, a week away from your anniversary and you have no clue what you're going to get your awesome spouse. You rack your brain, but you've already exhausted all your clever gift ideas on birthday's, Christmas and Valentine's Day. I know, I 've been there.

So I decided to do some research to find out what your "supposed" to get your spouse for every anniversary milestone. Below is a list by year what the Traditional Theme gifts are and what the Modern Theme gifts are. However, you'll notice that some anniversaries overlap in terms of the type of gifts for each theme. But this should be a pretty great start for you to get some ideas for the love of your life.

Anniversary Year

Traditional Theme

Modern Theme

Gift Idea - Traditional

Gift Idea - Modern1st YearPaperClocksWedding BookGrandfather clock 2nd YearCottonChinaEgyptian Cotton SheetsChina Dessert Plate 3rd YearLeatherCrystal/GlassFor HimFor HerCrystal Bar Set 4th YearFruit/Flowers; Linen/SilkAppliances (electrical)Wine BasketFlowersPressure Cooker 5th YearWoodSilverwareWood Cutting BoardSilverware 6th YearIronWoodIron SculptureWood Heart Sculpture 7th YearCopperBrass; Desk SetsCopper Tea KettleDesk Set 8th YearBronze; PotteryLinen; LaceBronze Anny KeychainLinen Dinner Napkins 9th YearPottery/ChinaLeatherPottery WheelFor HimFor Her

10th YearTin/AluminumDiamond JewelryFor HimFor HerDiamond Studs 11th YearSteelFashion Jewelry; AccessoriesPin SculptureFor HimFor Her12th YearSilk; Home DécorPearlsBonsai LightFor HimFor Her13th YearLaceTextiles; FursLingerieTextile Ideas 14th YearIvory (now banned)Gold Jewelry Gold Chain for HimGold Bracelet for Her

15th YearCrystalWatchesCrystal Money TreeWatch for HimWatch for Her16th Year Silverware Silverware 17th Year Furniture Patio Furniture 18th Year Porcelain Porcelain Serving Bowl 19th Year Bronze Bronze Sculpture

20th YearChinaPlatinumChina CabinetPlatinum Tie Clip and CufflinksPlatinum Bracelet for Her21st Year Brass; Nickel Brass Dice Set 22nd Year Copper Copper Drinking Mugs 23rd Year Silver Plate Silver Plate 24th Year Musical Instruments Everyone Needs more Cowbell!

25th YearSilverSterling SilverSilver CoinSterling Silver Personalized Necklace 26th Year Pictures Get a Couples Picture professionally done. 27th Year Sculptures Sculpture 28th Year Orchids Orchid flowers 29th Year New Furniture Time for a new bed?

30th YearPearlDiamondFor HimFor HerFor HimFor Her31st Year TimepiecesFun TimepieceDecorative Timepiece32nd Year Conveyances Airline Tickets33rd Year Amethyst For HimFor Her34th Year Opal CufflinksOpal Earrings

35th YearCoralJadeCoral DecorationJade Bonsai

40th YearRubyRuby For HimFor Her

45th YearSapphireSapphire For HimFor Her50th YearGoldGold Gold Chain for HimGold Bracelet for Her55th YearEmeraldEmerald For HimFor Her60th YearDiamondDiamond Diamond Studs 75th YearDiamonds, goldDiamonds, gold For HimFor Her

No matter what year you're celebrating make it personal and your spouse will love it. How many years are you celebrating? What is the most creative gift you've ever got your spouse?

Be sure to save this to Pinterest so you can come back to it year after year.

Trying to find the perfect gift for your spouse every year? Use this guide to get great ideas for what you can surprise your spouse with this year. #marriage #relationships #gifts #anniversary #presents #giftguide

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