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The SMART Way to Crush Your Goals

When setting your goals you should follow the S.M.A.R.T. method.

S - Specific. Your goal needs to be as specific as possible. For example, don't just say My goal is to lose weight. How much weight do you want to lose? How many inches? What size do you want to get to? What body fat percentage do you want to achieve? Make it super specific.

M - Measurable. Make this a goal you can measure. With a goal of losing 35 pounds, that's specific AND it's measurable. Don't just set a goal of making extra money this year, make it a specific number so you can measure your progress.

A - Attainable. Make sure this is a goal you can attain. You don't want to make your goals too easy to achieve and on the flip side you don't want to set goals that are impossible. Make sure you set a goal that IS attainable but isn't necessarily easy to do so.

R - Realistic. Be realistic in your goals and your expectations. Let's say your goal is to lose 20 pounds, but you want to lose 20 pounds in a week. While the goal is specific, measurable and attainable it isn't realistic it's going to happen in a week. Set yourself up for success from the get-go and you'll be crushing your goals in no time.

T - Timed. You need to set a time limit on achieving your goals. Don't just throw them out there with no end in sight. That's not very motivating.  Set a goal in a timeframe that is attainable and realistic. For example, I will make $50,000 on my side hustle in the next 12 months. Some other tips to set goals... Make sure your goals sync with your priorities. What do I mean by this? Well if your family is your priority and you are setting a goal that greatly deprives of you of being able to spend time with your family you're going to instinctively sabotage your own results. When setting your goals ask yourself "Can this goal compromise one or all of my priorities?". If so, is there a way to accomplish nearly the same result in a way that won't compromise your priorities? Get creative if you need to. Your goals should include personal and professional goals. Make sure you consider goals in all areas of your life. Like relationships, money, health, fitness, religion, hobbies, habits, travel, anything that comes to mind. There really is no limit on this. So get to brainstorming some really freaking awesome goals! Your goals should take you out of your comfort zone. Don't list easy things like goals you've already achieved or are close to achieving. Create goals that are a little bit of an uncomfortable stretch but in the realm of possibilities. Write your goals in the present tense. Write your goals as if they have already happened. This will help train your brain to visualize that finish line. Speak in the first person with as much detail as you can, like "I have made over $100,000 in 2017". Use this One Sneaky Trick to Help Achieve Your Goals. Follow these tips to achieve your goals faster. Now you have the basic tools to SMART goal setting and making sure you crush them. Go make your life blissful! :)

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