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The Most Delicious Healthy Chili Recipe You'll Ever Try

Like with most recipes I usually play around with the spices and ingredients. I love to have a base and then throw in things that I think will make a dish really tasty. I usually use 1 pound of lean ground turkey breast. I've also used ground buffalo (which is amazing btw, but spendy$$).

Ingredients Serves 6-8 1 - Pound of ground lean turkey breast (or ground buffalo, if you prefer). You could also use lean grass-fed ground beef. 1 - Package of McCormick's Chili Seasoning Mix (gluten-free). I get mild, but if you like yours spicier you can get the regular one. 2 - Cans of Hunt's Seasoned Tomato Sauce for Chili. 1 - Can of Low or No sodium Hunt's tomato paste. 1 (or 2) - Cans of Bush's Chili Beans, Red Beans. Again, I get mild, but if I'm feeling a little spicy I get the medium. There is also a hot version. Optional Items: (for adding individually) A few drops of Chipotle Tabasco (you can put this in the entire dish of chili or just in individual bowls) Mexican cheese (any brand is fine but I prefer Crystal Farms)


  1. Brown ground meat in a large pot

  2. Once meat is cooked add the two cans of tomato sauce and bring to a low boil

  3. Add tomato paste, stirring into the mixture

  4. Add the can (or cans if you prefer more beans) of chili beans to the mixture and mix well

  5. Cover the pan with a lid, reduce heat to medium-low and let simmer for about 30-40 minutes

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