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How Starting A Business Healed My Depression

Guest Post by Paige ColeI have always struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. In my life, it was normal (though not comfortable) for me to have bouts of feeling really good in every area of my life for a few months, followed by an even longer spell of a deep dark depression.

For me, when I would be in those dark moments nothing ever seemed to snap me out. Logically I understood that I was feeling down, but physically I could not shake the depression. Each time I would go up and down, the downs seemed to outlast the ups for twice if not three times as long. This caused major setbacks in all areas of my life. I would be on it and feeling really good, making money, eating healthy, and making good decisions for my life. When I would start to slip back all the progress I had just made seemed to be wiped out- and quickly. I could never gain momentum in any area of my life because of the fallbacks.

I knew that I deserved better. This was not the way life was meant to be lived. I felt as though I was just floating along in life and although I had moments of greatness where I proved my ambition and determination, nothing stuck. Until I began my online business. What started for me as a want to be able to have location freedom and travel the world while still being productive, lead to an incredible business and life journey. I was determined this time. I saw a huge opportunity to finally build a business of my dreams. It seemed tangible and within reach if I just put in the hard work. I had always wanted to be successful in business and had tried my hand at a few ventures. Although not successful in any of my endeavors yet, I had this burning desire and drive to prove it to myself that I could do it. I fell in love with my business and committed to doing something every day to move closer to my end goal. When setting goals, check these 6 Fundamental Steps to Achieving Goals Through Depression.

Having a burning desire and passion for my business slowly began to change the way I viewed my time, my days, and most importantly myself. Day after day I started cultivating this unwavering belief within myself that I could do it, and I am doing it! I firmly believe we are all a work in progress. To maintain a healthy mindset takes daily work and effort. If you are struggling with depression or anxiety my advice for you would be this: Find something you LOVE. Focus on that. Take action steps in your life every single day no matter how small they are, to get yourself to your higher end result. Tiny wins are what build that lasting confidence and get the happiness ball rolling!! If you aren't sure but think you may have depression. Take this free depression quiz now!

Paige Cole

This guest post was written by Paige Cole.Paige Cole is an  E-commerce boutique business owner,  entrepreneurship educator, and private label Amazon Seller. As a passionate advocate of growth mindset and grit—Paige believes that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  With the right education and tools, anyone can become an entrepreneur, with location freedom and flexibility to sculpt their career around the life they desire and love. Her signature course “Private Label Lab” launches this June!

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