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17 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Need some great last minute gift ideas for mom?

Don't get the usual flowers, chocolates, household items (like you expect her to cook and clean for you), or plants.



I kill those things, don't give me that as a gift! You're lucky I've managed to keep kids alive this long!

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How about you put some extra thought and originality into this year's gift? You know, because she would do anything and everything for you. So here's my list of suggested gifts for her that are awesome (and they all are!).

*Please note that yes, some of these suggestions may cost a good chunk of change, but there are plenty on the cheap yet thoughtful side too. Do what's right for you, for her, and your wallet if need be. ;)

Get Her a Car

I know, I know, this one is pretty dang spendy. But in all honesty, if she already has a vehicle that you're making payments on as a family and she needs an upgrade, why not get her some new wheels? This may be aimed at the father's that need to help "pay for" these kinds of purchases, but hey if you kids are loaded, you should owe some of that success to mom and do her a solid and get her a good, reliable vehicle.

You obviously don't have to purchase it outright, there are leases and loans you can get. And if this is something she's been wanting for a while, put it on the family finances that you were going to use anyway to get a new vehicle. This way you get to surprise her early.


Don't give her one of your crappy (but heartfelt) 5 minutes or fewer massages. No! Buy her a professional one. And don't skimp on the time. Get her at least a 90-minute massage. She deserves an hour and a half of pure relaxation. Seriously, these ARE NOT that expensive. If you really want this gift to be elite, get her 6 month's worth of massages.

Pay for Her Next Hair Appointment

For some mom's they will put off getting their hair done, just to make sure jr. could play on the baseball team. Getting hair done for a woman is NOT cheap. For me, this would be really nice, because after highlights, color and cut and looking at a cool $150 - $200. This is especially meaningful if mom hasn't had her hair done in a very long time and could really use a spruce up. Trust me, she'll love it.

Buy Her a Mani-Pedi Package

If, and ONLY if, this is something your mom is into. There are mom's out there that could care less about their nails and never want them done or touched. Make sure you know your mom well enough to know if this is something she'd appreciate.

Let me tell you though, I don't particularly care if my nails look good or not. But I do like the occasional pampering with a manicure and pedicure. It's an added bonus if you do this with her!

Plan Meals for the Next Week

That's right, you heard me. Plan meals for the whole week!! The caveat to this is that you also MUST prepare them. She probably does this regularly. Some mom's hate it, some mom's love it. I'm in between. I like doing it, but it does get tedious. It would be nice if someone planned my family meals for the week.

Another great option is to get a meal box.

Also, don't just do pizza or take out every night. Plan some good healthy meals. Need some ideas? Check out some of my Recipes posts. My favorite recipe sites are SkinnyTaste and Pinch of Yum. And Pinterest is a good tool to use if you have a base of what you're looking for (i.e. chicken dishes, casseroles, crockpot, etc.). Get creative on this and try some new recipes you think mom will love.

Write a Poem or Letter

Bring mom to happy tears by writing her a heartfelt poem or letter. Make sure you point out everything she does for you, how awesome she is, how beautiful she is and be thankful. Trust me, this will go a long way and you'll get major points for this one. You could even add this to any of the other gifts listed here.

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Plan and Book a Vacation

This one will really amp up your gift-giving game and it will be pretty hard to top! Christmas time of year is one of the best times to book vacations. Everyone is having sales and you can find some amazing deals for vacations, especially if you book a package deal.

Check out OneTravel, which has some pretty amazing last minute deals going on right now, including some flights under $199!

Take Her Shopping

Take her shopping and let her pick out something she wants. But the kicker here is that you have to do it with her and help make the experience enjoyable. Take her to a Home store and let her pick out some home decorating items, or take her to her favorite clothing store and let her find that perfect dress for the next big event or just take her to Target and let her go nuts. Because you can always find something awesome at Target! ;)

Take Her to The Casino

Obviously, the kids need to be old enough to do this. Take her to your nearest casino, hand her $100 and let her go have fun. Gamble with her or just watch. Either way, if this is something your mom enjoys, do it for her. You can also hit up the great buffet that the casino may have.

Workout with Her

You can sign her up for her favorite class at the gym or pop in her favorite workout DVD and workout with her. She'll love that you did this with her, especially if you normally don't participate in her workouts. A bonus to this is you could buy her favorite workout program for her. You shouldn't do this if you are trying to hint that mom should lose weight. That never goes over well. No, only do this if this is the type of mom you have. One that is active.

Get her the hottest (pun intended) kitchen gadget of the year!! This thing does some amazing things and will make dinner preparation quick and easy and less stressful for mom (or whoever else helps cook). I'm not great at remembering to get a crockpot meal prepped so this is the perfect solution! Oh and both of my favorite recipe websites, which I mentioned above have a plethora of Instant Pot recipes!

Get Her Pop Figures

Get her Pop Figures of characters from her favorite movie or tv show. There are SO many collections, you shouldn't have a hard time finding something from one of the shows she loves to watch.

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Get Her an Audible Gift Card

I personally love reading books! And I know a lot of mom's that love to read too. But if your mom is super busy like me, she can't always find time to read. So the next best thing is audio books. She can listen to this while taking a bath, on her way to work or grocery shopping. This way she'll be efficient at getting her reading time in. Oh and if she needs some great ideas on what books to read, have her check out 10 of the Best Personal Development Books You Should Read This Year.

Gift Boxes

These things are amazing and they are the gift that keeps on giving. There are several options that are perfect for moms. See below.

For the Sassy Mom

This Smartass and Sass is perfect for that mom/wife in your life who is a bit snarky, sassy and smartassy! I love this one because it's totally like me. Here is an example of what is in a box.

For the Mom who Needs Self-Care

Honestly, this is for every single mom on the planet. Every single mom could use more self-care. This Self-Care box is the perfect gift for that overworked and overstressed mama.

This happiness boosting box is designed by therapists. Each box includes 1 research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy plus 5 to 7 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance your life.

For the Pregnant Mom

There are so many good boxes for expecting moms. From breastfeeding to pregnancy self-care to gifts for the baby.

For the Religious Mom

This is perfect for the religious mom who's Christian.

Whatever you get mom this year, put some thought behind it and get her something she'll love. These are all just ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing. Use them or come up with your own creative idea.

Need some Gift Ideas for him? Check out this post: Gift Guide for the Awesome Dad in Your Life.

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