This is for women who have experienced trauma in past relationships who would like to recover from the past without repeating it, & create a new mindset to live your best life - no matter what it looked like before!
The 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge is a revolutionary plan to reset your mind, reframe your life, and reignite self-trust in 7 Days. 

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Hey there, mom longing for a better life,  

You have gotten out of an abusive relationship. You’re wanting to make sure you and your kids live a better life because of it. Right now, you might be trying to just survive and adjust to the “new normal.” You want to do something more for yourself and your kids though.  

But you just don't know where to start. You might've tried personal development, talk therapy, medication, prayer, or many other things.

In reality, you’re so overwhelmed and don’t know how you’re going to restore yourself. You’re just trying to make it through everyday life.  

Even if it sounds impossible, there are ways to live a better life. You just need to find the right solutions to get you on that path.

Are You Trying To Overcome The Long-Term Effects Of An Abusive Relationship But Don’t Know What To Do?

Maybe you’re having a hard time fitting trauma recovery into your schedule. Perhaps you haven't given it much thought at all. If you've tried anything, you might have done…
  • Personal development books, blogs, videos, and more, but they just aren’t enough.
  • Talk therapy, but it’s hard to stay consistent, especially if it’s not affordable or you don’t have childcare.
  • Medications that were supposed to help you out, but they just don’t do much.
  • Praying for a better life and some relief, but you feel like you need something more.
You’ve tried what you were hoping would work. But nothing is coming of those solutions.

You're still feeling broken and overwhelmed. You're trying to figure things out, and you might even be in survival mode.  

You know you want a better life for yourself and your kids, but you aren't sure how to get started.


And I Want To Help You Through It!

Hi, I’m Kirsten - On the surface, I look like another scholar with a lot of credentials and no life experience…

I attended Trauma-Informed Coaching Training, Trauma-Informed Business Training, Empathy Training, Hypnotherapy Training, EFT Tapping Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training, Energy Medicine Training, NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) Training, and Neuro-Plasticity Training.
Underneath the surface, I am a woman just like you, who has been in an abusive relationship. 
I am one of the lucky ones who was able to leave and heal. Today, I help women gain renewed hope so that they can do the same.  

After I got out of my abusive relationship, I struggled. I had a hard time having a healthy relationship. I knew that I needed to fix myself, 
I started looking into trauma and how it affected us emotionally, physically, psychologically, and energetically. The BEST thing I found through my studies, research and work is you CAN fix yourself. So, I did just that. I dug really deep. I did the serious hard work, and I healed myself. 

I knew if I didn't, I would end up alone, divorced, hopping from one relationship to the next, and traumatizing my kids along the way.  

Taking that vital step allowed me to see real change in my personal life and business. 

I know how hard it was for me to do the research, try out new strategies, and work on myself. So, I decided to make it easier for other women.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with many women to help them take those important steps in their lives too.  

I have been able to work with women desperate for a change in their lives. 

I've been able to help them renew their hope in themselves, in love, and in their kids.

The skills that I teach my clients are skills that they can then teach their children. It's beautiful!

Things May Feel Hard Right Now
And I’ve Been There.

You might have gotten out of that abusive relationship recently. Or maybe you’ve been trying to fix yourself for a while now, and you just don’t know what to do.  

I’ve been there. It took me a while to figure out exactly how to restore myself and my kids. I invested a lot of time into my journey.  

Until I figured out what really worked, I felt stuck. I was exhausted from trying so many methods with no real results. It was hard.  

But you don’t have to keep doing it that way.  

You can truly recover if you find that right strategy and are willing to put in the work. The biggest part of the process is finding the right solution for you, so you don't keep wasting time on methods that don't really work.

It’s Time To Restore Yourself And Your Kids
So You Can Live Your Best Life!

Over the years, I have worked with many women to make a difference in their lives. They are happier and more fulfilled. They have stopped entering abusive relationships over and over again. They were able to help their kids heal from the trauma of an abusive relationship.  

My clients have finally been able to find hope, and you can too.  

No two women experience the same abuse or the same story. Because of this, everyone’s journey is different. But, with highly-effective methods in place, YOU can - and will - move forward from the trauma and abuse you experienced.  

The 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge gives women like you the resources and strategies they need to heal. This combination leads to…
  • More hopeful thinking despite the damage the abuse has done!
  • Healthier relationships after learning how to get there!
  • Find your purpose so you can live a more abundant life!
  • Understanding patterns in your life and what they mean!
  • A fresh mindset that gives you freedom and power!
When you take control of your path and are willing to put in the effort, amazing things will happen, and your life will be transformed.


Reset Your Mind, Reframe Your Life, and Reignite Self-Trust in 7 Days!

An easy to follow, totally do-able healing plan that helps women who have experienced trauma go from feeling lost and stuck to living a fulfilled, happy, and healthy life for themselves and their kids.

You Want To Have Healthy Relationships Again

You're a brave mama who's ready to retake control of her life. You’re eager to start the process so both you and your kids can live a better life.

But you don’t even know where to begin and what steps you need to take. To be honest, you’re just surviving at this point and trying to make things work. You might not feel like it’s the best time for you to start the process, but you know it needs to happen at some point soon.

Because you care so much about your kids, you know something needs to happen to protect them and you. You might have dreams for the future and plans for healthier relationships going forward.  

You’ve tried praying about your past relationship and the trauma you’ve experienced. You might’ve done some personal development through books, videos, and more. Maybe you went to talk therapy or tried different medications.  

At this point, you might be getting desperate. You just want to see a change in your life.  

So, you're ready for an opportunity that's actually going to work. That's actually going to allow you to recover from the trauma. You just need a little bit of help getting there!  

The 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge is a challenge designed to help you reset your mind, reframe your life, become resilient, and learn how to lean on yourself!

This is the best way for you to begin moving forward from all of the trauma you’ve experienced.

This challenge includes all the necessary steps you'll need to take to get to a better place for yourself and your family.

 Here’s What You’ll Discover In The Challenge

1. The Breaking Patterns & Beliefs Jumpstart (Value: $47.00)

This jumpstart helps you to look at the beliefs you hold and the trends that appear in your life. You will figure out the habits you have and disempowering beliefs about love and relationships that are creating and recreating the cycle of trauma in your life. This will help you in future relationships.

2. The Stop The Self-Sabotage Series (Value: $20.00)

You will observe the triggers that existed in your past relationships and see how they may sabotage current or future relationships. This arms you with strategies you need to move forward and grow.

3. The Recognize & Reframe Roadmap (Value: $105.00)

An important step in your recovery and in the creation of your new life is being able to recognize when a belief or habit is holding you back. You will understand how your mind works so you can then reframe your mindset moving forward, setting you up for limitless success and happiness.

4. The Accept & Reset Method (Value: $50.00)

A significant part of the process is acceptance. Without acceptance, it's impossible to move forward. Moving forward is essential. In this challenge, you will learn how to reach this place of acceptance, giving you the freedom to finally, truly move forward.

5. The Forgiveness Framework (Value: $50.00)

Along with acceptance, having a release and being able to forgive is an important step. This is where many women get stuck, sometimes for years. This step helps you to forgive so you can progress to a healthier place in your life. You will learn how to release the emotions you might be experiencing and forgive so you can continue to progress past the abuse. 

6. The Self-Care Routines Roadmap (Value: $30.00)

As you heal, it's essential to make time for yourself. At this point, you will find out just how vital it is to create a routine and practice self-care, no matter how busy your life might seem.

7. The Purpose Discovery Plan (Value: $30.00)

After leaving an abusive relationship, it can be hard to find purpose in your life. Having a purpose can improve your mental health and make you feel more passionate about your life. In this challenge, you will discover how to identify your purpose in life, plus how to live your life according to your purpose so that you feel truly aligned and alive.

What Other Women Are Saying…

“Kirsten is an absolute delight to work with! From the very first conversation, she has offered me incredible support, compassion, and new information I was DYING for (literally). Her holistic and curious approach to health and happiness is unique. Working 1:1 with Kirsten really is a journey, yet I could never have started alone. Without Kirsten, I know I would still be struggling to find balance and ease in my life. Now, I not only have the information and strategies I needed to improve my mental health, but I also have the caring accountability of someone I can always turn to in trust.”
~ Hanna H.
“I cannot say enough after going through Bliss Coaching. The depth of this course and the action steps you take in it are exactly what I needed to finally be clear and free! I had epiphany after epiphany. I finally know my purpose and I finally feel like I can take on the world.

I can say with confidence that depression and anxiety will NEVER rule my life again!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I would have paid $10,000 for a course like this! The amazing transformational results you get are worth far more than any amount.”
~ Cassandra M.
“Where to begin about my journey with Kirsten. The universe brought us together. I felt like she really got me. She let me know that I’m normal and the things I’ve been through don’t define me. She understood what I went through and am currently going through. I’m feeling hopeful about possibilities and the future. That was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

She has survived and is now thriving as a testament to all her hard work. She has the know-how and first-hand experience to help out in all different types of situations. She is non-judgmental and makes you feel at ease so you can really open up and tell her anything. As long as you commit and put the work in for ourself, there are no limits.”
~Megan H..

PLUS… When You Sign Up Today, 
You’ll Get Access To These Powerful Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Affirmations For Transformations
(Value: $10.00)  

Get access to powerful affirmations to help you start to rewire your thinking about yourself.

BONUS #2: Guided Meditation For Daily Motivation
(Value: $30.00)

Use guided meditation to help you relax and think clearly as you work on fixing yourself.
If you were to pay for all of this individually, you would be spending over $300.  

But I am passionate about helping you get started on your journey to recovery, so I wanted to make this opportunity very affordable! I want all women to be able to access this challenge so they can start their journey!

Everything That’s Included…

  • The Breaking Patterns & Beliefs Jumpstart (Value: $47.00)
  • The Stop The Self-Sabotage Series (Value: $20.00)
  • The Recognize & Reframe Roadmap (Value: $105.00)
  • The Accept & Reset Method (Value: $50.00)
  • The Forgiveness Framework (Value: $50.00)
  • The Self-Care Routines Roadmap (Value: $30.00)
  • The Purpose Discovery Plan (Value: $30.00)

Plus These Crazy Good Bonuses…

  • Affirmations For Transformations (Value: $10.00)
  • Guided Meditation For Daily Motivation (Value: $30.00)

You Are Capable Of Moving Forward
From The Trauma And Abuse

Did you know that? Do you feel that? I hope so, because it is true.

You simply need the right strategies and guidance to help you along the way! 

When you join me for the 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge, you’ll get access to everything you need to begin resetting your mindset, recognizing patterns, and recovering from the past. 

 After completing the 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge, you’ll be able to:
  • Take action steps toward moving forward from the past. 
  • Become aware of patterns and create a new mindset.
  • Help yourself and your children recover from the trauma.
The MOST EXCITING part? You will finally be able to live a happier, more fulfilling life!

“Will This Really Make A Difference In 7 Days?”


This challenge is designed to help women just like you get their lives off to a fresh start. It includes several important steps that will give you the freedom you need to start the mending process. Without this challenge, you might be trying all kinds of strategies over the next 2, 5, or 10 years. This is the solution you’ve been looking for!

“What Sets The
7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge Apart?”

At this point, you might have given a few different strategies a try. You might be looking into different methods and trying to figure out what's going to work for you. You don't want to waste any time, and I get that! This challenge is different because it uses a combination of different strategies. This challenge includes a unique collection of recovery strategies, but it also gives moms something to teach their children.

This Will Make a Difference in Your Life

I know you are tired and overwhelmed by trying to get your life back together. I know you're trying to figure out what normal looks like for you and your children. And maybe you’re even starting to feel hopeless or desperate. You are willing to give something a try, but if you’ve tried other things, this might not sound appealing. After all, if nothing else is working, why would this?

If you’re going to try ONE MORE THING to transform your kids’ lives and your life too, let it be this.

This is the last investment you’re going to need to make for yourself and your kids. Why? Because this one-week challenge will make a difference in your life.

I have had the privilege of working with so many clients throughout my career, so many women just like you. I've helped them to rewire their mindsets. I've helped them to find the resources and strategies that actually work and make a difference. There's no reason this can't work for you too!  

It’s time to get the guidance you need to truly begin to make a better life for you and your children!

If you’re ready to start the restoration process and want to see a real difference in your life, it’s time to get started by enrolling today!

Total Value: $372

Get Started TODAY for only $37!

Everything That’s Included…

  • The Breaking Patterns & Beliefs Jumpstart (Value: $47.00)
  • The Stop The Self-Sabotage Series (Value: $20.00)
  • The Recognize & Reframe Roadmap (Value: $105.00)
  • The Accept & Reset Method (Value: $50.00)
  • The Forgiveness Framework (Value: $50.00)
  • The Self-Care Routines Roadmap (Value: $30.00)
  • The Purpose Discovery Plan (Value: $30.00)

Plus These Crazy Good Bonuses…

  • Affirmations For Transformations (Value: $10.00)
  • Guided Meditation For Daily Motivation (Value: $30.00)
Who is this for?

The 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge is designed for moms just like you who have recently left abusive relationships. This challenge is meant to help you start recovering by changing your mindset, recognizing patterns, and taking real action steps. If you’re trying to recover from the trauma of an abusive relationship, this quick challenge is for you.  

How do I know this will work for me?

In this program, I’m giving you everything you need to start your new journey. The 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge is different from other programs and resources you might have tried. It includes a powerful, highly-effective combination of strategies so you can really get on the right track. This isn’t like anything you’ve tried before. 

How long will this program take?

This challenge is short and sweet, so it's totally doable for a busy, overwhelmed mom like you. I know how precious your time is and that you've got a lot on your plate. This challenge lasts seven days, and it's designed so you can make a good amount of progress in a short amount of time. 
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