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Are you like me where you set a goal and then forget about it? You even write it down but you forget to keep referring back to it so it’s fresh in your mind. Keep reading to learn how to use this one sneaky trick to help achieve your goals.


I came up with a pretty nifty trick where you are reminded of your goal several times a day, so there’s no way you’ll forget about it.

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For our goals to stick we should write them down.

Another tip is that we should be revisiting those goals regularly.

But life gets hectic, we get busy and forget about revisiting our goals. What if I told you there is a super easy way to get reminded of your goal daily?

Where I work, I’m required to update and change my password approximately every 90 days. It’s not always easy coming up with unique passwords every three months, especially ones I’ll remember.

I found a way to come up with a unique and creative enough password that not only follows all the necessary requirements (6 characters, letters, capital letter, numbers, and at least one special character) but also is easy to remember and reminds you of your top goal.


So first, you’ll need to know what your top goal is for the next 3 months or however long you are able to keep the password for.

Next, create a statement of that goal in a way that says you’ve already achieved it.

Stating it in this way helps you visualize your end result and you’re more likely to achieve that goal. It solidifies your goal into reality.

Use the following steps:

  1. Use capital letters, numbers and a special character. For example – ILost40#s
  2. Set your goal like it already happened. Here are some examples:
  • YouMade50k!
  • IMake100kperYear!
  • [email protected]
  • IGotFrontRowSeats2Metallica!!
  • IVacationedinHawaiiOn10-31!
  • #builtdreamhouseby2018

Get creative with your passwords (and goals). Once you achieve your goal, or if times up to change your password, set a new goal password.


goal achieved

Happy Goal Setting!!

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  1. Love it! I alwaus put something positive in my password updates, but never thought to phrase it like I’ve already achieved it. I especially love the hashtag idea. Thanks for posting!

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