About Me

A little more about me…

I’ve been through the deepest darkest depression of my life, several failed (thank God) suicide attempts, PTSD, and anxiety. I was diagnosed in my early 20s with chronic depression and was told that I’d have to be on medication my entire life. However, I didn’t agree with this diagnosis.

After the birth of my first son, I got post-partum depression. The thoughts and feelings I had during this time of my life were downright scary. I had no job, a husband who was mentally and psychologically abusive, a new mom and scared I wasn’t doing anything right. I was also breastfeeding, so medication was out of the question.

A few years later, I left my husband and I was the happiest I had been in over 10 years. It’s amazing how a toxic situation can cause even deeper depression and anxiety than you already have. Unfortunately, only 3 months after separating from my husband, we got back together. I wanted a father for my child and I did love this man. So I thought we could work it out. I did eventually get away from my ex-husband, but not before having a second child with him, buying a house, cars and having the abuse escalate to sexual assault. You can read all about How I Got Out of An Abusive Relationship here.

A new mental illness.

Back to my depression. After the final separation with my ex, I gained a new mental illness, PTSD. I had no idea normal people could get this, I thought it was an ailment reserved for war heroes. After my therapist had diagnosed me, my physician put me on anti-anxiety and depression medication. Honestly, those drugs saved my life. I’m not a huge proponent of taking drugs in the first place, but I knew I needed some extra help. These medications were necessary for my sanity. But my firm belief is depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be healed without a life sentence of drugs. And I was determined to prove it.

I was on anxiety/depression medication for about 1 year after my separation from my ex. During my separation, I started dating my best friend who helped me get out of that situation. Life started to seem somewhat normal again. So normal that I was able to stop taking all the medication I was on.

Surgery and Marriage.

A few years later my best friend proposed to me. Before the marriage, I wanted to have breast reduction and tummy tuck surgery. So about 5 months before our wedding date, I had this major surgery I wanted so badly. No one tells you that if you are prone to depression surgery can trigger it. Several months after our wedding, I got back on anti-depressants. Again, I knew I needed extra help but did so with the intention that this was not a permanent sentence.

After about 2.5 years, I was able to get off medication. But I resolved that this time would be the last time I was ever going to need to be on anti-depressants or anxiety medication. 

I’ve spent the last several years researching and studying mental health and the root cause of it. There are a lot of new breakthroughs when it comes to mental health and healing it and I’m so glad I finally found a cure for me. I know because of the tools I now have I will never have to be on medication for my mental health.

For the first time in my life, I’m living abundantly, gratefully and full of true bliss. I have an amazing family, an amazing husband who is also my best friend, awesome kids (who drive me up the wall sometimes) and an amazing support system. I’m also finally living my life’s purpose and helping others find their bliss. Whether that be through my blog or by being their coach.

My Mission

My mission is to help women heal themselves from depression and anxiety and to make sure they learn these tools so they can pass this knowledge on to their kids. They teach kids in school how to overcome anxiety. They don’t teach kids to get to the root cause of depression symptoms so they can heal. They don’t teach kids how to be emotionally resilient. They don’t teach kids to find their purpose.

Having kids of my own, especially boys, I know how important it is to make sure I give them the tools they need to be emotionally strong. Because it will be the base for their entire life. 

My coaching helps women dig deep to heal those mental barriers that have kept them from being a successful mom, wife, friend, and entrepreneur. If you’re ready to stop living the depressive cycle that’s keeping you from living the life you truly deserve, I’ve got you!

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